Provide Access to Everyone

A Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) is an ideal method of providing access for everyone throughout your commercial or residential building. These wheelchair lifts are commonly implemented next to stairs, where a ramp or traditional elevator would be otherwise impractical, and the vertical distance being traveled is less than 14’. Thanks to these lifts’ smooth, quiet, and efficient operation, a wheelchair user or person with a disability may enjoy free access to a building or outdoor space where stairs would have otherwise prohibited their access.

ADA Compliant

Vertical Innovations provides VPLs as a cost-effective solution to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and exceed all of Canada’s National Safety Code requirements. There are a number of VPLs available to move wheelchairs from one level to another. They often have a standard cab size of 36” by 54”, although that size is customizable up to 18 square feet.

COMPACT and Efficient

A VPL takes minimal space thanks to its open platform design, short running clearance, and compact drive system within its machine housing. It may be installed to fit within a drywall hoistway, or within its own dedicated enclosure, so that it is self-contained. We are well-versed in the various codes that may affect installation of a VPL area by area, so our expertise will be invaluable wherever you should decide to install one.

If your home or commercial building needs an effective means of providing wheelchair access where a traditional elevator wouldn’t do, count on Vertical Innovations to provide a wheelchair lift that you can rely on.

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