Efficiently Transport Objects Between Floors

A dumbwaiter is a small elevator designed to carry objects rather than people. They are popular both in homes and commercial buildings where people wish to quickly and effortlessly transport items between floors. Dumbwaiters are highly versatile tools which can carry up to 500 pounds. They may also sport features like digital controls, LCD displays, and shelving to best accommodate their intended cargo.

Vertical Innovations specializes in the installation and maintenance of these handy smaller elevators. We provide dumbwaiters that operate on both winding drum and machine traction drive mechanisms. Contact us and we’ll explain the merits of either type and help determine which best suits your needs.

Dumbwaiter Applications


Depending on a home’s layout, a dumbwaiter can provide substantial convenience transporting items like groceries, firewood, laundry, and more across multiple floors.


When a restaurant’s kitchen is on a separate level from its dining room or food storage area, a dumbwaiter can be far more practical than food runners, and quickly pay for its own installation.


A dumbwaiter can effectively transport medical records and equipment across a hospital’s levels, as well as regular loads of laundry to its washing facility.


Space is one of a business’s most valuable assets. If you keep your inventory on a separate level from your shopping area, a dumbwaiter will spare your employees a lot of time and stress carrying wares up and down stairs.


As with stores, workshops must make wise use of their available space. If you store your materials on a different floor than the ones you use them on, a dumbwaiter can vastly streamline your production.

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