Commercial Elevators

The Crucial Role of Commercial Elevators

Perhaps nothing is quite so vital to a commercial building as the ease with which it may be accessed. If your employees and customers cannot move about your business freely, there will be neither product on its shelves nor people to buy them. Compound a business’ need for accessibility with laws requiring wheelchair access, and the importance of good elevators in a commercial business could not be better underscored.

For years, Vertical Innovations has worked with businesses across the Michigan area to ensure that their elevators are in full working order and code compliant. We select the brands we install for their durability and quality of construction, ensuring they will withstand the heaviest use your employees and customers can subject them to. No matter the brand of elevator you are interested in installing in your business, or what brand you may already have in place, we are the ones to count on when you need something elevator-related.

A Sampling of Our Elevator Solutions


(Limited Use/Limited Application)

Similar both in function and use to a passenger elevator, a LU/LA elevator is most commonly used to make buildings wheelchair accessible.

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