Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts for Multi-Level Homes

A stair lift provides complete access to a multi-level home where one of its residents is unable to use the stairs. It is installed alongside a preexisting set of stairs, oftentimes in as little as one day, so you may enjoy its terrific benefits nearly instantly. At Vertical Innovations, we are eager to show you how one of these safe and easy-to-use devices may improve your life, and then provide you with the best system to achieve just that.

Customizable to Meet Your Needs

Stair lifts are highly customizable to suit both their users and the homes they are installed in. Whether the stairs in your home are straight, curved, or split across multiple levels, we can custom-fit a stair lift to get you where you need to go. Further customizable options, like linked or push-button folding footrests, manual or automatic retractable rails, power swivel seats, safety harnesses, and a variety of color and styling options, mean that our stair lifts may be completely tailored to your tastes and physical needs.

Wheelchair in the Accommodations

Stair lifts are not limited in use to those who are able to sit on them. Inclined wheelchair lifts can accommodate an entire wheelchair and its user, letting them ascend and descend stairs without the need to stand and sit down. Wheelchair lifts most frequently feature platforms that are 30” by 49” wide, although they are customizable to accommodate larger-sized platforms as well.

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